Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Real Simple Magazine "Fall's Ladylike Style"

A stylist for Real Simple magazine had me working with the very hands-on photographer Melvin Sokolsky who has been working in the industry since the 60's and has a signature installation based photographic style. He is best known for a series of photographs from a Harper's 1963 "Bubble" shoot, where he had a model floating over the river Seine in Paris. For this shoot he worked with an amazing set designer, creating a structure reminiscent of late 1980's architecture. I created an aged teal wall treatment which resembled mossy concrete. This juxtaposed against the classic 50's fashions gave the styling a modern feel.

Esquire Fall Plaster Wall treatment

The photographer wanted a wall treatment reminiscent of the aged crumbling plaster of a 17th century Croft house. He was inspired by Chardin's still life paintings and asked for a similar look. At the end of the shoot, the photographer and prop stylist took some black & white art shots just for fun.

CHICO's Fall Catalogue Backdrops